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No on Prop 16 - Taxpayers Against the PG&E Power Grab invites submissions of political posters for use on this website and in printed form. Submissions should be submitted in color and black and white (11x17) for printing purposes. Please submit high resolution images

If you would like more information, contact the Powergrab Campaign.

No on Prop 16 Thumbnails

POWERGRAB NEWSFLASH - America's Carbon Cup - PG&E Leads National ROBOCORP Megatrend as Oil Companies Bankroll Ballot Initiative to Kill Clifornia's landmark Carbon Law AB32

Activist Art from Marin/SF Community Choice CCA Movement - Posters

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The State Hornet (link to the journalist/artists' higher-quality large posted Prop 16 art image and artist's source page here)

Anonymous Artist, San Francisco - PG&E Octopus Art Source Link Click Here to Print Your Own Free Killer Poster

or use this smaller Card Size jpg file for home inkjet color or black and white cardstock for sidewalk, cafe, party, university department billboard, or laundrymat, or BAR for example


Black and White

Political Art By Paul Fenn and Family

Video Artists! Submit Videos - Below is some Excellent Prop 16 Video Art

or any other official political action or campaign committees related to Prop 16 or other ballot initiatives.