Our coalition is growing but victory will depend on volunteers

We don't just mean grunts and phone bankers. We mean Democrats, Republicans and Independents who care about choice, local control, climate protection, energy independence, green power, and green jobs. We need your passion and your skills to sweep the state against PG&E's power grab.

PG&E has publicly indicated it will spend at least $30M on its campaign to end energy choice in California and block communities implementing local energy programs, climate protection measures or local green jobs programs. Please contact us to volunteer with Taxpayers to Stop the PG&E Power Grab by sending an email to Julia Peters.

We need local activists and bloggers to run a grassroots campaign against potentially the largest funded corporate initiative or referendum ever. Persuading the public to VOTE NO on PROP 16 invites you to be a participant with the campaign, on the web site and in conjunction with neighbors in your community. Let us hook you up!

We like to work at our meetings rather than just talk - document sharing site for these meetings

Paul Fenn Digital Color Printable Handout Materials March 20, 2010

or any other official political action or campaign committees related to Prop 16 or other ballot initiatives.