Don't be Fooled: The PG&E Initiative was About Monopoly, Not Taxes

PG&E posed as taxpayer rights advocate and tried to manipulate California voters into ignoring the messenger and the purpose of Prop 16: Pacific Gas & Electric Corporation, peddling taxpayer rights to steal back its monopoly from ratepayers who have paid dearly for the privilege of choice - by persuading Californians to vote against their own right to choose. The League of Women Voters, California Association of Realtors, Sierra Club, The Utility Reform Network and many others joined local governments and public officials all over California to oppose Prop 16, linked to original source material below.

This page features direct links to official government documentation of PG&E's initiative and related political activities, as well as recent articles by independent newspapers and official editorial board statements opposing Prop 16.

Download a Fact Sheet from Powergrab Campaign Co-Sponsor The Utility Reform Network (TURN) HERE.

UC Berkeley Independent Analysis of Prop 16 Concludes Initiative Would Protect Utility Monopoly, Slow Development of Renewable Energy (May 7, 2010)


San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera Legal challenge to Prop 16 highlights PG&E chief's statements as evidence of falsehood, misrepresentation - Lawyers for locally owned utilities challenging proposed amendment cite public admission that measure intends to 'greatly diminish' voting, rather than encourage it (official press release with links to official documents - April 29, 2010)

League of Women Voters Opposition Statement to Prop 16: Official Statewide June 8, 2010 Position Statement California Secretary of State Official Voter Information Guide Public Display - June 8, 2010, Statewide Direct Primary Election (scroll down to "Proposition 16" official document links)

California Association of Counties Statement of Opposition to Prop 16 (March 26, 2010)

California Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg Letter and other fellow legislators addressed to PG&E CEO Peter Darbee - calling for PG&E to drop Prop 16 (Dec 22, 2009)

San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera seeks rule change to block PG&E efforts to kill consumer choice - Utility's deceptive campaign, broken promises on Community Choice Aggregation demand expedited action by regulators, City argues (official press release with links to official documents - Dec 22, 2009)

California Legislative Analyst's Office: California's nonpartisan fiscal and policy advisor: analysis of PG&E initiative


Actual Text of Prop 16 Constitutional Amendment initiative document filed by PG&E's Representative with the Attorney General's Office (May 28, 2009)

Former California Energy Commissioner John Geesman Blog on PG&E Initiative (PG&E Ballot Initiative Factsheet: The Trojan Horse in California's June 8, 2010 Election)

"PG&E is paying good money for its endorsements," Sacramento Bee blog post by Bee Senior Editor Dan Morain (April 11, 2010)

"PG&E’s Prop. 16 Turns 100-Year Old Initiative Process on Its Head," Kersten Communications report by the public policy and research and analysis firm (March 9, 2010)

Quotes of Ross Gelbspan and Helen Caldicott, Don Aitken, Ty Cashman, Michele Perrault, and Daniel Kammen about the importance of San Francisco's Community Choice Program for Leadership on Climate Protection (March, 2007)

SF Bay Sierra Club Page on CCA

The Utility Reform Network

Local Power Blog Maintained by CCA Author Paul Fenn

East Bay Local Clean Energy Alliance Web Site

Community Choice Energy Alliance Website, San Francisco

Sonoma CCA Climate Action Plan

Community Climate Action Campaign Website

Appollo Alliance Webpage on CCA

The Original Local Power Web Site - Searchable with Chronological 1994-2007 Local Power News for Background on energy Crisis and CCA

Download a Powergrab campaign FACT SHEET HERE.

or any other official political action or campaign committees related to Prop 16 or other ballot initiatives.