Prop 16 Would Have Made Californians Captive to Major New Electric Rate Increases After Paying $ Billions in Utility Bailouts for the Privilege of Power Choice

PG&E charges Northern Californians some of the highest power rates in the nation, and is now petitioning state regulators for the largest electricity rate hike in its history, estimated at a 30% increase over the next three years. Meanwhile, with Prop 16, PG&E was conspiring to eliminate all legally existing alternatives for California residents and businesses so that they would have no choice but to pay the rate increases when they hit the electric bill - or be shut off. Worse yet, the rate increases will finance PG&E's backward investments in fossil and nuclear power plants that continue to hit California consumers with even stiff new rate increases. Prop 16 would have seen to it that no other choice existed, such as greener power for the same price. That is what San Francisco and Marin are offering their residents and businesses. PG&E wants to kill "Community Choice" the same way that GM killed the electric car. Prop 16 is PG&E's effort to reinstate California monopoly in the name of taxpayer protection. Considering that PG&E has led the nation in ratepayer bailouts, this farce is a shame indeed - a graphic illustration of the serial abuse of California's initiative referendum and recall process. That's why TURN, the Consumer Federation and other consumer groups not only opposed Prop 16 but organized the No on 16 campaign and were quoted alongside Local Power Inc., in the official California ballot statement. This is the greatest outrage yet following over a decade of outrages from California's power industry.

Consumers benefit not only from exercising choice, but from having it at all. Without competitive alternatives, would-be monopolies like PG&E can raise rates as high as they like - captive customers must pay. For over a century, consumers have had the constitutional protection of local control over power monopolies. If rates got too high or a utility provided bad service, local communities have always had the option to municipalize. Prop 16 would make that nearly impossible. More recently, after the energy crisis, the California legislature provided that communities wanting to negotiate better rates or services with other power suppliers could do so - through a form of choice called "Community Choice." PG&E's Prop 16 would place major obstacles before communities seeking to offer local residents and businesses an alternative to monopoly rates and service. Had voters not rejected it, Prop 16 would have made it all but impossible.

Around Election Day

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